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Facts and Figures
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Facts and Figures

  • All athletes used their own physical force to perform the swimming relay. No artificial members for athletes with disability or swimming accessories such as flippers were used at any stage of the relay.
  • Athletes were escorted by 3 sailing boats with experienced crews as well as a medical team.
  • Athletes rested and had food on the sailing boats.
  • Local authorities of the islands of Sifnos, Serifos, Kythnos, Kimolos and Mylos embraced the Aegeathlon swimming relay and organised a series of events with local flavour as the athletes reached each one of the islands.
  • ''Aegeathlon'' took a total of 70 swimming hours to be completed.
  • Total distance covered is estimated at 160 to 170 km (85-92 navy miles), depending on weather and open sea conditions athletes encountered during their swimming relay.