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An idea is born

The idea to swim across the Aegean Sea was born on a boat across the Aegean, during the athletes' summer holidays of 2001. A group of them was sailing to Sifnos, and as they were traveling, they were debating heavily about what to do to attract public attention to athletes with a disability, their potential and achievements. As they were joking about one thing or another, the idea of swimming across the Aegean Sea came up - obviously inspired by the surroundings.

It did sound somewhat strange at first, but only a few minutes later everyone embraced the thought with enthusiasm. Besides, all athletes had swum across long distances before, so they were pretty familiar with the challenge. All they needed at that point was a name to call their newly born audacious plan. ''Aegeathlon'' (from the Greek word ''athlos'' which means an extraordinary achievement and the name of one of the most beautiful seas in Greece, Aegean Sea) seemed more than appropriate. The journey thus began.