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Besides the athletes, many people volunteered to help realizing this ambitious relay and promote the Aegeathlon vision and messages. Let us introduce them!

Antonis Rellas

Antonis is a director and was in charge of promoting Aegeathlon to the press and mass media. Inspired by the ambitious project, as he followed the Aegeathlon route himself, Antonis produced a documentary called "Aegean Waves", which was awarded a prize during the Film Festival of Thessaloniki, in 2005.

Katerina Drakaki

Katerina is a gifted creative designer and she was the person who designed the Aegeathlon logo and design elements. Katerina has worked in many important projets and was part of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games creative team.

Maria Fola

Maria, a communications advisor, helped design and implement the Aegeathon communications campaign.

Aris Sthathakis

Aris is a distinguished journalist and has also been a member of the City of Athens Municipal Council . His main interest is cars and road safety. However, being a sensitive citizen and interested in human achievements, he was more than happy to present the Aegeathlon press conference and introduce the athletes and their vision.

Alexandra Koukoutsi

Alexandra is a doctor and joined the Aegeathlon team during their relay. A distinguished scientist and a fun person at heart, Alexandra managed to relief all athletes from their daily endeavour and her being there for them was a great help to all.

The Hellenic Marines Club

Four members of the Hellenic Marines Club joined the Aegeathlon team, making sure that help would be provided in any sort of extraordinary circumstances.