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Mission and objectives
Athletes Quotes

Athletes Quotes

Giannis Chatzibeis : ''We wanted to attract the attention of young people that were born with or have experienced a disability situation during their life course. We wanted to show these people what they are capable of, as long as they set their minds and reject isolation. Also, we would like journalists to start thinking about Paralympic athletes as great athletes with significant sports achievements, that can inspire the public not because of their disability but because they do excel in sports competitions just like every other great athlete.''

Sakis Kostaris : ''Education of public and the media about the way they deal with athletes with a disability is one of our major concerns. We are not second class athletes just because of our disability - nor are we to be admired and referred to as ''life champions'' because of that. We train just like any other athlete and try hard to overcome ourselves and achieve even greater sports performances.''